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  • Interior Design Workshop

  • Why not have fun in this great process? And be inspired with lots of great ideas and some advice on how to progress your vision and be your very own interior designer.

    Our Interior Design Workshop is a day of fun and creativity for anyone to enjoy, and why not? You don’t do this very often, make it fun. And have a glass of champagne and a delicious buffet, all gourmet of course and refreshments. And you will be in comfort in our stunning Victorian home in Surrey.

    To let you ask any questions you would like and to get our full attention, we keep the groups down to a maximum of six, large enough to generate ideas and discussion but small enough to ensure your questions and ideas are discussed.

    We share our extensive experiences with you to help you better understand what can be achieved without breaking the bank, using trades secrets and making sure you go away confident of what is possible.

    The design workshop will help you understand;

    • Understanding your own style and finding inspiration
    • The main elements of design: colour, texture, pattern and lighting
    • How to accessorise effectively
    • The dos and don’ts of window dressing
    • The main principles of great interior design
    • How to create mood and sample boards
    • Supplier and trade secrets

    We are so proud of our workshop as it was voted by mums to be Netmums Best Adult class of 2014 and we have continued it’s success until now. Enjoyed by so many mums and perfect timing as it starts at 09:30 and closes with your head full of ideas at 3pm.

    What a great day to have with friends, everyone loves a chance to learn and chat, oh and have a glass of bubbles. It’s a great gift for a close friend or loved one.


    To buy a gift voucher or book with us, email us here. And all this for £85.