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  • Welcome to our amazing testimonials to our work, thank you so much to all our amazing clients. We remember all of you and so pleased we could help you fulfil your dream.

  • Here is what our clients say

  • When I decided to hire someone to decorate my home, it was because I had no time to do it myself and no clue how. Fortunately I found Surrey Interior Designers.

    Rating: Tommy Smith

  • It is such a fun experience working with Surrey Interior Designers (SID), with plenty of laughter! We woke up this morning both saying how much we like our new home.

    Rating: Emily Fields

  • Got to love SID, great Interior Design agency, worth every minute spent with them and had fun too.

    Rating: Shane Donovan

  • SID is cool, nice people and sooooo knowledgable and helpful - thank you.

    Rating: Diane Bland

  • SID were so helpful, we knew so little about the how but knew what we wanted. So they helped us get there and not crazy money. And we have a stunning new home, well the living room anyway :-) so far.

    Rating: Fredrick Gough

  • Found SID online and they were very helpful and so nice from the very beginning and made us so comfortable. they have great design insight and know all the tricks of the trade.

    Rating: William Hunter

  • Very good value, right from the design workshop which was a blast through to delivery of our amazing bedroom. And fun, thankyou SID.

    Rating: Valerie Cowles

  • Who doesn't love SID, great company and very nice people, would recommend this as the best way to design your house. Enjoy it!!

    Rating: Desiree Johnson

  • Some more testimonials

    Lovely people, beautiful paints chosen, super job, so pleased..

    Diana, Richmond

    Great job, made such a difference to our living room, stunning, thank you. And our daughter loves the paint shades.

    Susanne, Twickenham

    Soooper designs and fabrics, so happy with all the work we did together, which I found important, amazing decorating job, I learnt so much thankyou..

    Cilla Weston, Putney